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“Charge IT Up” Special

A/C System Refrigerant Charge-Up Special, Mobile AL


“Charge It Up” Special – Mobile, AL

We have found, through experience, that an air conditioning system that constantly requires Freon to be added to it, has a leak. As the refrigerant system leaks down during the day to day operation of trying to keep your home cool, it is causing higher utility bills and internal damage to the system. This will eventually require even more out of pocket money to repair.

Since this scenario is not a mechanical breakdown (yet), we understand the desire to “charge it up!” for the time being hoping to make it through another summer.

To try and help these customers we have made the following options available to help with this common problem:


I have set aside different size A/C systems for a virtual “Steal of a Deal!” 10 year warranty and still in the box. No more Freon cost or worrying about repairs. No money down and averages only $46.00/mo. We work with all levels of credit scores.


We have a “gas-and-go” special, which allows you just to charge up your air conditioning system with Freon and pay NO “SERVICE CALL”, you only pay for charging up your system!

Our goal is to “Make you smile”.

Please call me with any questions.

Thank You,

Andy Cross


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