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SameDay Heating & Aire offers a wide range of Air Conditioning products and services to meet your every need.

Air Conditioning


A/C Repair, A/C Maintenance & A/C Installation for Mobile and Baldwin Counties


In the summer when the temperatures are hot and humid, and year-round when the weather is unseasonably high, you deserve an air conditioner you can count on and an air conditioning company that is reliable. SameDay Heating & Aire offers a wide range of air conditioning services and products to meet your every need.

Air Conditioning Repair

Air conditioner not cooling properly? Are your energy bills suddenly higher? Is your A/C making loud noises? Do you need us to check for a Freon leak? We offer expert troubleshooting and diagnosis, as well as service and replacement for all cooling and heating systems. We service air conditioners from 1 ½ to 5 tons. Same Day Heating and Aire has EPA registered and certified technicians to service all types of systems. Our technicians bill by the job and not the hour, and we offer attractive financing alternatives to help you get your A/C up and running.
We service the following areas in South Alabama: Bayou La Batre, Chickasaw, Creola, Daphne, Grand Bay, Irvington, Eight Mile, Mobile, St. Elmo, Satsuma, Saraland, Semmes, Tillman’s Corner, Theodore, Prichard, Whistler, and Wilmer.

Preventative Maintenance

Don’t risk you’re A/C breaking – set up a preventive maintenance check to make sure your A/C is ready to work reliably and efficiently all year long. Our certified, professional technicians will inspect and provide you with expert troubleshooting and system diagnosis. Regular A/C maintenance can prevent breakdowns and help the equipment last longer and perform better, which is especially important in south Alabama. Air conditioning units are designed and built to be steadfast and reliable. Just like your car, they also must be maintained. We recommend regularly scheduled maintenance to keep your system in tip-top shape.

Air Conditioning Sales & Installation

With our South Alabama weather, it is best to go with a unit that offers the longest warranty, generally up to 10 years. Our EPA registered and certified technicians install and repair energy saving Central Cooling Systems. Same Day Aire offers a variety of air conditioning systems to fit your budget. The key is to consult with one our professionals when choosing a unit to meet your needs. Same Day Air has been providing air conditioning services to Mobile, Alabama and Baldwin County, Alabama since 1979.
A/C Units are generally constructed the same, though all brands do not perform identically. There are only three manufacturers of compressors in the U.S. Of the three, Copeland Scroll, is arguably the best, with a 13 Seer rating. EverRest Air Conditioners have a 10 year warranty with Copeland compressors, and their units with a 14 Seer rating, and carry a lifetime warranty on compressors. Contact us today to see what is best for your home!

R-22 Freon System Users

With Freon prices rising daily and R22 being phased out (obsolete by 2020), we specialize in eco-friendly 410-A systems. Manufacturing of R-22 Air Conditioning systems stopped at the end of 2009. The R-22 Freon will be obsolete by 2020, and it will become exceedingly more expensive everyday as well as significantly more difficult to find and purchase. Starting in January 2010 most A/C systems will be manufactured to use the R-410A. R-410A does not contribute to the depletion of the ozone layer. Instead, these systems utilize a blend of hydroflourocarbons (HFCs) which are safer to humans and the environment, as well as more cost efficient!
Same Day Heating and Aire is a EverRest & Goodman APLUS Dealer. We specialize in replacing the older ozone depleting R-22 systems, with new state-of-the-art, eco-friendly R-410A systems. Even better is that we purchase the environmentally safe R-410A systems at a great bargain, and pass the savings directly to our customers in Mobile and Baldwin Counties!
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Please contact us to inquire about how we can improve your existing home with our quality products and services. In addition to our air conditioning services, we offer a range of products:

• Humidifiers
• Dehumidifiers
• Standard medium and high capacity air filters
• Carbon Monoxide detectors
• Energy saving thermostats