Sludge Sucker HVAC Drain Line Cleaning / Condensate Drain Line Cleaning – Mobile, AL & Baldwin County, AL


Sludge Sucker – HVAC Drain Line Cleaning Equipment

Is your air conditioner condensate drain line stopped up? A clogged HVAC drain can be a real bad thing to have. If the drain stops working properly the condensate water coming off of the condenser fins inside your A/C unit can’t drain to the outside of your home or business like it is supposed to. That water will fill the drain pan under your inside unit and eventually overflow into your home, sometimes causing catastrophic damage. In the best case scenario, in newer HVAC units, an emergency kill switch will be tripped and shut the power off to the unit.

Don’t let any of this happen to you – SameDay’s Service Technicians can inspect your system for proper performance and correct any problems if they find any.

How the other guys do it:

Most companies pour a cleaner such as bleach down the line and use compressed air to blow out your drain line. They start from the inside the home and blow all the junk out through the drain line to the outside. This method only partially works because, unfortunately, air will take the path of least resistance. This means the air will circulate around the clog to reach the outside. Air will compress and move through the weakest point of the clog. The problem of the clogged drain line will soon return.

We use a different more thorough method:

The Sludge Sucker – Nitrogen Powered Drain Line Cleaning System 

The Sludge Sucker is attached to the outside of the drain using water (which does not compress) to act as a plunger, creating a negative static pressure in the drain line and removing the entire clog. This is why drain clog removers are not cans of air. They are liquids designed to act as a plunger.