Save Money On Your Energy Bill!

Did you know that a well maintained Central Air Unit can actually save you money on your monthly utility bill?

Normal maintenance is essential to keeping your energy cost to a minimum. Something as small as changing your air filters can drastically reduce the load on the unit and save you big money over time.

Sometimes simple maintenance is not enough.  While performing regular maintenance on your central air & heating system is essential to reducing energy cost, sometimes it is not enough. Often, old systems are just inefficient and the only real fix is to upgrade to a new energy efficient HVAC System.

What are common mistakes people make in trying to save energy around the house?

Common mistakes people make include:

  • Letting the furnace or air conditioner salesperson sell them a unit that’s much bigger than they need,
  • Not getting the ducts checked for leakage when installing a new heating and cooling system,
  • Thinking that “since heat rises, we only need to insulate the attic.” Floors over a basement or crawlspace, walls and windows also matter.
  • Not using ceiling and portable fans to improve comfort in the cooling season. They use very little electricity. Use them to circulate air in the house, to make the house feel cooler by doing this, the thermostat setting for your air conditioner can be raised to 85°F, and still maintain the same comfort as the lower setting.