Lightning Protection Systems! Get Protected, Mobile, AL & Baldwin Co, AL


Lightning Protection System Package!

With Mobile, Alabama’s increasing lightning storms, we now offer a surge protector for each piece of equipment of your Central Air Condition and Heating system located in your home. This device comes with a manufacturer’s “Connected Equipment Guarantee”.

Connected Equipment Guarantee:

The connected equipment guarantee applies to standard residential electro-mechanical appliances. Strictly electronic components (e.g. microprocessors and circuit boards) are not included in this guarantee. SUPCO will replace or pay to repair , up to $500 per occurence* with a lifetime cap of $10,000, any electromechanical or motor-driven appliance that is damaged by a voltage surge passing through the surge protector to the equipment. The SUPCO Surge Protector must show signs of surge damage or be operating outside of design specifications. In order to be eligible for this connected equipment coverage the surge protector must be installed in the immediate vicinty of the equipment being protected. For instance, an A/C compressor unit must be protected no further away than the disconnect. The inside air handler may be protected at the nearest panel box but inside the same building.


*$500 per occurence for the SCM60.
*$1000 per occurence for the SCM150.

These surge protectors are designed to dissipate the damaging effects of momentary voltage spikes or other transient power surges including impulses and lightning. They are not warranted against direct lightning, continuous over voltage, over current or dropped neutrals.

Lightning is the most obvious source of a power surge, but not the only culprit. Cycling of Air Conditioners, Refrigeration Systems, Generators, Motors and Appliances can also produce damaging surges.

This “Lightning Protection Package” is offered for only $189.00 installed. Compared to the price of a condenser motor or compressor? It is well worth it!

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Andy Cross